What are the benefits of ripple wall cups?

Ripple wall cups are quickly becoming the popular stand-out hot or cold disposable coffee paper cup for coffee shops, caterers, and offices all over the country. Ripple wall cups are made with an inner standard white paper cup with and outer layer of corrugated board, which is wrapped round the inner paper cup. The corrugated board creates a barrier layer of air and so helps to insulate the hot contents from the person holding the cup. In addition to the design of ripple wall cup creates an extremely strong cup, which making it ideal if ripple wall cup is being carried.


What are the benefits of ripple wall cups?


How to distinguish the quality of ripple wall cups?


What should be paid attention to when buying ripple wall cups?


What are the benefits of ripple wall cups?

As the outer layer of ripple wall cup is a corrugated paper, ripple wall cup has better heat insulation used for holding hot drinking. Some companies have such a misunderstanding that the larger the weight of the inner paper, the more the heat insulation and compressive strength of the ripple wall cup can be increased. However, this is not the case. To enhance the heat insulation and compressive strength of the ripple wall cup, the heat insulation capacity of the outer paper cup must be enhanced. As long as there is no trace of corrugation after the surface paper is pasted, the paper with lower weight can be used as much as possible.


Also, the ripple wall cup has rough surface, it can increase the friction to avoid slip out of the hand. Ripple wall cup is more convenient and useful for some coffee shops to take away, together with its beautiful design.


Ripple wall cup is lightweight and anti-breakage. Compared with glass bottle cups, ripple wall cups are lighter and have no risk of damage.


Ripple wall cup has little high cost that light quality can save circulation costs.


Single wall cup has good appearance effect, which is easy to realize printing and decoration, good publicity effect, and promotion.


Ripple wall cup can be combined with a variety of materials to improve the protection function. Ripple wall cup is compounded with aluminum foil, plastic and other materials to prevent deterioration of the contents.


How to distinguish the quality of ripple wall cups?

Generally, at the time of purchase, the ripple wall cup is mainly determined by observing the appearance characteristics. The good ripple wal cup generally performs the following test quality inspection:


Functional test: Test whether the ripple wall cup can hold liquid, such as water.


Performance test: Test whether the paper of the ripple wall cup is thick enough and not easy to be deformed.


Stress test: Whether the liquid full of ripple wall cups will be deformed.


Recoverability test: After the liquid is poured out, the ripple wall cup can be restored to the original


Strength test: Whether the ripple wall cup will soften and damage after a period of liquid.


Appearance test: Whether the shape of the ripple wall cup is beautiful, the pattern is beautiful


Ease of use test: Whether the ripple wall cup feels good when used, whether the taste is good, will not puncturing.


Safety test: After the ripple wall cup is filled with water, the ripple wall cup will be deformed to spill liquid onto the user.


What should be paid attention to when buying ripple wall cups?

There are many manufacturers of ripple wall cups, but there are very few who can really think about ripple wall cups. We can see the various kinds of ripple wall cups on the market. The quality of such ripple wall cups is very poor. The profits of the manufacturers are indeed very limited.


Don't use cheap inferior ripple wall cups: Such low profits make it very doubtful that manufacturers can ensure hygiene and quality of ripple wall cups in every process they produce. Moreover, the paper used in the ripple wall cup is easy to deform due to the thinness of the paper. There are great security risks. In particular, the unit should not use inferior ripple wall cups, which will affect the company's image.


Choose the brand's ripple wall cup factory products: There are a lot of commercial ripple wall cups in the market. They don't have their own production base, but they sell ripple wall cups by looking for other ripple wall cup manufacturers. In doing so, customers may also buy good quality ripple wall cups from them. But if there is a problem, the middleman often cannot provide a solution because it is impossible for the middleman to control the entire production process. This is easy to bring a lot of trouble to the company's customers. The best way to distinguish whether it is a direct manufacturer is to ask for its own business license and production hygiene license. Regular manufacturers are obliged to provide customers with a product hygiene inspection report provided by the national health department during the quarter to ensure the hygiene of the ripple wall cups.


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