• Responsibility for sustainable development

    Continuously exploring more environmentally friendly materials (BioPBS)

  • Social responsibility

    Anbao cares about the growth of employees' children, encourages the healthy development of employees' children, and establishes a reward system for employees' children from elementary school to university. Help poor students complete their studies, and establish shore bursary

  • Social responsibility

    Help poor students complete their studies, and establish Anbao Scholarship.

  • Social responsibility

    In 2011, during the floods in Thailand, Thai factories actively participated in flood relief and financial donations, which reflected the corporate social responsibility and were well received by the Thai government and the public.

  • Social responsibility

    5.12 Earthquake happened. Anbao Group directly donated more than 100,000 yuan and went to the disaster relief site to send living supplies to the army and the public. It provided a 200,000 yuan paper cup for the wounded in major hospitals and assumed the due society responsibility.

  • Environmental protection

    Joined the Alxa SEE CONSERVATION in 2016, combining public welfare with the sustainable  development of enterprises. Protect ecological wetlands, protect the Haloxylon tree in the desert.

9.9 Charity Day
  • 2023-06-16

    Anbao invites you to protect the blue water and blue sky together

  • 2018-09-06

    What can a dollar do

  • 2019-09-07

    Anbao accompanies you to guard the "Most Beautiful Ranger"

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