Message from the chairman of the New Year-make customers more satisfied, make assets work harder

Dear staff,

With the warmth of the new year, we bid farewell to the challenging and promising 2018, and ushered in a hopeful and aggressive 2019. On the occasion of the new year, on behalf of the board of directors, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to all employees who always care and support the development of the company!


2018 is an extraordinary year for Anbao Environmental Protection Technology. An year for Anbao Environmental Protection Technology to overcome difficulties and move forward. During the year, a series of internal and external unfavorable factors such as trade friction between China and the United States, economic restructuring, weak market confidence, and high raw material and labor costs have brought unprecedented challenges to the company's business development. Facing the challenges brought about by changes in the internal and external environment, the company actively responded, focused on organizational change and innovation, and worked hard to improve organizational efficiency by creating a new "platformized operation management structure." Through the joint efforts of all employees, we have overcome the difficulties of the complicated changes in the external environment and the changes in the management structure of internal operations, and achieved the smooth operation of the company.


The old age has exhibited a great deal, and the new year has reached a hundred feet. Our business goals in 2019: grab the market, fight for scale, and achieve two goals. Grab the market: The marketing platform must carry forward the fighting spirit of Liang Jian, be brave to compete for the market share of competitors, and achieve rapid growth in sales revenue. Fighting for scale: Kang production platforms and market-oriented production platforms should take digital factories as their core competitiveness, achieve scale effects, and translate economic results. Two goals: shorten customer delivery and accelerate asset turnover. In order to achieve the two goals at an early date, we need all the people in Anbao to continue to work hard and demand ourselves with the core values of high performance, good deeds, and no evil; require ourselves with a shared, coordinated, and linked work style; and in an innovative and realistic spirit To build a hard-working and efficient shore treasure.


In 2019, let us not forget our original intentions, keep our mission in mind, step out of laziness and ease, be goal-oriented, make customers more satisfied, and make assets work harder.

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