New starting point, starting again-Anbao Group Annual Meeting

Explode the "new starting point, start again" of the shore circle friends circle-2019 shore shore group welcome party was successfully held in Nanjing, Kunming, Chongqing and Chengdu last week. Although the joy at the banquet has ended, the wonderful moment is still overwhelming.


The welcome party started with the Chinese New Year greetings from Chairman Xiao Nan. Xiao Dong thanked the people of Anbao for their contributions in 2018 and sincerely gave you all the best wishes for 2019. The CEO Robin systematically summarized the unusualof shore treasure in 2018, and made a deep interpretation of the business policy of grab the market, fight for scale, and achieve two goalsin 2019.


A party, how can there be less interactive links. Play a variety of games, waiting for you on vacations, vacuum cups, silk quilts, red envelopes, hot spring tickets and more.


With the "grateful heart" sounding, this year's welcome party is coming to an end. Everyone raises a glass of wine, incorporates all the honors of 2018 and expectations for 2019 into this glass, and looks forward to seeing each other in the coming year.


22 years of spring and autumn, we live together and live together, leaving a good time in the flow of light and shadow;


Made by 22 craftsmen, we do not forget our original intention, and work hard to realize the trustworthy corporate vision of the global food packaging container industry;


22 years of repair is the period of proud standing and the starting point of accumulation.


22 years of new beginnings, let us keep a heart of a child and go to the next most beautiful years in life!

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