• Q What kind of lids do you need to buy?

    A Lids are available for most products, the most common being Straw Slotted for cold drinks. Other types of lids are:
    Sip through Lids – A sip through lid designed for the coffee-to-go market.
    Clear Dome Lid (No Hole) – Packaging (which is only suitable for cold use).
    Clear Dome Lid (With Hole) – Used with a spoon straw for iced teas and coffees, slush and milk shakes. This gives the drink an upmarket look.
  • Q What kind of printing are you using?

    A We produce single wall, double wall ,Ripple paper cup and ice cream cups, plus recyclable and compostable paper cups. We can do both flexo and offset printing.
  • Q Double wall cup VS Ripple paper cup ,which heat-insulation is better?

    A According to our test data ,Double wall paper cup is better.

  • Q How much will I be expected to pay for a minimum order?

    A This you will have to discuss with our sales department as prices can vary depending on both the quantities and the frequencies of re-orders. Email us at sales@anbaogroup.com.

  • Q What is the lead time for a custom printed order?

    A Our lead time is approximately 20-30days, this all depends on our schedules and order quantity. In some urgent cases, we have delivered in 2 weeks.
  • Q Why is there a minimum quantity for custom printed orders is more expensive?

    A With custom printing, there are many expenses involved in the setup, as our printing process is water based inks on Flexography Printing Press, namely -- Printing plates (each colour requires one plate), the make ready (starting the printed job) takes up several hundred meters of paper, as the speed of the machine is fairly fast, which can equate to a minimum of 5,000 cups of wasted paper, therefore to keep the cost down, we make the quantity higher.

  • Q What is the minimum quantity for custom printing you can order?

    A Minimum quantities can vary from one order to the next, usually paper cup and containers of 50,000 per size is a common quantity.
    For a combined container mixed of different sizes of paper cup ,sometimes 30 000pcs of each size is acceptable. 

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