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disposable ice cream cup paper bowl with custom logo printed color bowl

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  • cup paper bowl with custom logo printed color bowl
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disposable ice cream cup paper bowl with custom logo printed color bowl

Product Description

item capacity paper/plastic weight

Size (top out -

bottom - height)

Standard Packing lid diameter
Soup Cup ml G/sm2 mm bagxpcs mm
5oz 205ml 230+14+16PE 95x83x42 20x50 PP-95
6oz 250ml 230+14+16PE 95x81x50 20x50 PP-95
10oz 346ml 230+14+16PE 95x77x70 20x50 PP-95
16oz 492ml 230+14+16PE 95x75x100 20x50 PP-95
520cc 520ml 250+14+16PE 111,5x88,3x85 20x50 PP-110
780cc 780ml 250+14+16PE 140,2x115,7x74 12x50 PP-110
1100cc 1100ml 320+14+16PE 140,2x109,8x104 12x50 PP-110


1. Virgin paper with FSC certifacation. Factory certifications include HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001 (authorized manufacturer for Coca-cola products).

2. Printing with food-grade ink (Flexo and offset printing are available)

3. High quality control system.

4. Quick lead time and quick action

5. All paper cups can be manufactured with a variety paper weight

6. Full range of product sizes from 2oz to 32oz. Variety of paper designs: ripple wall, double wall, coffee cups, cold cup, ice cream cup, soup cups, popcorn bucket.

7. Effective packaging solutions.

8. Environmentally safe and green-minded.

With more than 20 years in development, Anbao has 4 manufacturing facilities in Chengdu, Chongqing, and Nanjing. We have a strong reputation as an honest and friendly company within the paper products industry. We will continue to strengthen our product range and aim to be a high-quality integrated operator for food service packaging.

Why Anbao products?

1. Quality and safe materials

Our products contain no smell. Through a careful selection process, we use only 100% food-grade paper materials and print with environmentally friendly ink. It does not contain any toxic substances such as fluorescent, whitening agents.

2. 27 step quality control system -good quality and durable

One of the industry first to use a 27 step quality control system. All products a durable and made to the highest quality. With a straight and wide cup body, it prevents leakages, sustains high temperatures, and lasts longer.

3. Traceable system-feel more reliable when use

Our identifcation system allows us to trace every product from raw materials to final packaging. It helps to create a more reliable source of information of the products during its production process, leading us to higher consistency and efficiency. We keep our production chain transparent so the consumers can have peace of mind.

4. Three-system certification

Anbao has passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001, and FSC.

Professionalism, innovation, learning, sincerity, and persistence is at the heart of our business culture. We will strive to develop efficient solutions and greener alternatives to all our processes. Let’s work together to build a sustainable future!

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