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disposable 6 oz kraft paper coffee cups

  • Food
  • Paper
  • Ripple Wall
  • Cup
  • Jiangsu, China
  • Anbao
  • Kraft cup
  • disposable take away 6oz printed kraft paper coffee cups and lids
  • Up To 6 Colors
  • Customized Logo
  • Coffee Drink
  • Customized Size
  • Custom LOGO Printing
  • 25pcs*20bags/carton
  • Eco-friendly
  • 50000pcs

disposable 6 oz kraft paper coffee cups

Product Description

item capacity paper/plastic weight

Size (top out -

bottom - height)

Standard Packing lid diameter
Single wall cups ml G/sm2 mm bagxpcs mm
3oz 85ml 170+18PE 56x38.6x56.5 48x100
4oz 118ml 210+18PE 62x46x61,5 20x100 H62
8oz 280ml 280+18PE 80x54.5x92 20x50 H80
9oz 274ml 280+18PE 77.5x52.1x95 20x50
10oz-Tall 343ml 280+18PE 80x56.5x110 20x50 H80
10oz-square 361ml 300+18PE 90x60x95 20x50 H90
10oz-Canada 345ml 280+18PE 85x59x97.5 20x50 H85
12oz 420ml 300+18PE 90x60x110 20x50 H90
16oz 497ml 300+18PE 90x56.2x135 20x50 H90
20oz 600ml 300+18PE 90x64x150 20x50 H90
22oz 670ml 300+18PE 90x62x167 20x50 H90

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