What materials can be used for ripple wall cups?

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What materials can be used for ripple wall cups?

With the development of environment awareness, more and more people look for environmental-friendly materials even though they are expensive. As ripple wall cups are popular in our daily life, it is important to know the materials of ripple wall cups. We may wonder whether the ripple wall cups are environmental-friendly. Can ripple wall cups be recyclable?


What materials can be used for ripple wall cups?

What are the requirements of materials for ripple wall cups?

Can ripple wall cups be suitable for all drinks?


What materials can be used for ripple wall cups?

Ripple wall cup is extruded from base paper and plastic resin particles. PE resin is generally used for plastic resin. After the base paper of ripple wall cup is coated with a single-sided PE film or a double-sided PE film, it becomes a single PE-paper ripple wall cup or a double PE-paper ripple wall cup.

PE itself is non-toxic, odorless and tasteless, which is reliable in hygienic performance. PE is stable in chemical properties and good in cold or water resistance, as well as moisture and certain oxygen barrier. It also has good oil resistance, good molding performance and heat, good sealing performance.

Ripple wall cups are made with an inner standard white paper cup with and outer layer of corrugated board, which is wrapped round the inner cup of ripple wall cups.  The ripple wall cup creates a barrier layer of air and so helps to insulate the hot contents from the person holding the cup. In addition to this the design of ripple wall cup creates an extremely strong paper cup, which making it ideal if it is being carried.

Keep your customers coming back with beautifully branded ripple wall cups designed by our in-house team. The paper cups trap heat, helping to keep drinks hotter for longer. Ripple wall cups are biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about the environment. Choose from single wall cups or double wall cups or our ripple wall cups, if you would prefer. We can now also provide custom ripple wall cups for texture, grip, and designs that literally stand out.


What are the requirements of materials for ripple wall cups?

The production process of the ripple wall cup contains direct printing, die cutting, processing and forming. Then spray the food wax on the surface of the ripple wall cup. The production process of the ripple wall cup is made from the base paper through the PE film, printing, die cutting and processing.

The main component of base paper of ripple wall cup is plant fiber. The production process is usually made from pulp fibers such as softwood and hardwood. It is pulped, refined, chemically added, screened, and then paper-cut.

According to the performance of the ripple wall cup, it is determined that the base paper of ripple wall cup must have the following technical requirements:


High water resistance: The printed ripple wall cups are required to have no water leakage, so the base paper of ripple wall cups is required to have high water resistance.

Easy to shape: When making ripple wall cups, in order to avoid paper jams and wrinkles during the production process and to prevent molding, the base paper of ripple wall cup is required to have high stiffness, good flatness, good printing process, moderate density and thickness, and easy processing

Paper surface of ripple wall cups is delicate: When the ripple wall cup is printed, it is required to control the roughness value of the surface to be printed after the printing surface of the base paper of ripple wall cups or the PE is coated to meet the printing requirements of the surface of the ripple wall cup.

High whiteness: The base paper of ripple wall cup should have a comparable paper whiteness CTP without using a fluorescent agent to ensure a clear and vivid print pattern.


Can ripple wall cups be suitable for all drinks?

Generally, ripple wall cups can suitable for all drinks no matter cold drinks or hot drinks. Ripple wall cups are perfect for hot drinks like coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more. The best type of ripple paper cups for you to use will depend on what you’re using it for. Typically if you’re looking to use the paper cup for cold drinks, a single wall cup will suffice. When looking at using the paper cups for hot beverages, double wall cups and ripple wall cups offer greater insulation from the heat of the drink. Exercise care when serving hot liquids such as coffee and cocoa. Ripple paper cups should be stored in cool, dry conditions. Ripple paper cups are designed as single-use, disposable products and should not be used to store hot liquids for more than 4 hours. We recommend serving hot liquids at 180 degrees or less.


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