What material is used for double wall cups?

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What material is used for double wall cups?

A double wall cup comes in two varieties, you might get a double wall cup that is made of paper or a cup that is plastic and has the double wall. Double wall cup means that there are two walls between the coffee and your hand. Double wall cup makes the coffee or other hot beverage stay hotter longer and feel better as well. A double wall cup that is paper has two paper walls within the cup.


What material is used for double wall cups?

How does double wall cup work?

What are the benefits of using double wall cups?


What materials is used for double wall cups?

Double wall cups are produced with double-sided PE coated paper. The inner and outer sides of the double wall cup are covered with PE coated double-sided paper, which means that the paper is covered with a layer of PE film. The double wall cup is composed of food-grade wood pulp paper and food-grade PE film.

If the outer cup of double wall cup is made of plastic, it is made through a process known as blow molding. In blow molding, small pellets of plastic resin are heated and forcefully blown into a mold in the desired shape. If the outer cup of double wall cup is made of stainless steel, it pounded into shape from a sheet of stainless steel.

In an assembly line process, the formed outer cup is fitted with its inner liner of double wall cup. A glass filter or a stainless still filter, pounded from a sheet of stainless steel, is placed inside the outer cup of double wall cup.


How does double wall cup work?

A double wall cup works quite simply. For starters, double wall cup helps to keep the heat from escaping by creating a layer of insulation between the coffee to prevent heat loss and to make the coffee or other hot liquid retain its temperature longer than if it was in a single wall cup.

A double wall cup does work and works very well that double wall cup can keep your beverage at the desired temperature for a longer time in some applications. Double wall cup helps to make certain that your beverage is going to stay hot longer and that you are going to be able to drink it at the temperature you want for a longer period of time. Double wall cups can be paper or plastic or even glass in some cases depending on what you want and on what overall design you are looking for.

Double wall cups are a must and really do make a big difference. A great cup can make all the difference and can really help to boost sales, improve customer experience, and make for a much better cup of coffee or other hot beverage all around. Double wall cups that are paper are also environmentally friendly and may be a great alternative for your business to things like Styrofoam cups that take much longer to break down and degrade when they are tossed out and discarded.


What are the benefits of using double wall cups?

Lighter: Double wall cups are lighter, though they have double walls. Double wall cups are lighter than most mugs, almost half the weight.

Better thermal isolation: Thanks to its double-wall features, double wall cup can keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold longer than most coffee mugs. Besides, the double wall cups also can help to prevents condensation.

Clearer: Because most double wall cups for drinking coffee are not ceramic but glass. Double wall cup allows you to monitor the level of your coffee in the glass mug as you take each sip.

More beautiful: This is a relatively subjective benefit. But when the double wall glass creates an illusion of the coffee floating in the middle, it seems attractive. And you can use it to serve other multi-layered drinks like most cafes do.

Handle or handle-less: Double wall cup’s thermal features make them a handle-less double wall glass mug. You can barely feel the hot from the hot drink inside double wall cup. This is the point that mugs with handle cannot compete. You still feel the hot when holding some mugs, even they are with handles. With double wall cups, it’s comfortable to hold the mug whether with the handle or not.


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