What is the trend of compostable paper cups?

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What is the trend of compostable paper cups?

Compostable paper cups are thought as the common alternatives to normal paper cups, which are harmful to the environment. Although compostable paper cups have many benefits, it also has some problems if it does not discard correctly. However, it is obvious that the future of compostable paper cups is promising due to the environmental protection of compostable paper cups.


What are the advantages of compostable paper cups?

What is the wrong of compostable paper cups?

What is the trend of compostable paper cups?

What are the advantages of compostable paper cups?

Avoiding plastic: Today, environmentalists are encouraging the public to use green products everywhere they go, instead of just at home. At the same time, more food and beverage container companies are finding unique ways to create eco-friendly dishes and utensils. Foodservice industries that serve drinks to customers can make a huge impact toward protecting the environment by switching over to compostable paper cups rather than using plastic containers.

Protecting health: The public is also aware that compostable paper cups protect the environment in other ways besides reducing trash in landfills. Food and beverage containers made from compostable materials do not contain petroleum products that are toxic to plants and animals. Petroleum is an expensive ingredient used to make plastic utensils and plates that increase the overall price of a beverage or food sold in a restaurant. Recent studies have revealed that the chemicals in plastics leach into beverages and foods before entering the human body during consumption.

Increasing business: By implementing compostable paper cups into your inventory for drink containers, you will be not only helping the environment, but also creating a great impression for your business and its consumers. Modern consumers are frequently choosing to buy products at businesses that care about the earth’s environment. Selling foods and beverages in containers made from natural materials such as sugarcane, paperboard, or plant fibers is an excellent way to increase a business’s customer base.

Less waste: Compostable paper cups came in to fight waste and cut pressure on landfills. Upgrading the coating to PE didn’t help waste because it became difficult to recycle. Yet, with compostable paper cups, you can tackle waste problems with minor effort. Unlike Styrofoam or plastics, bio cups can get recycled or composted. This helps to ensure paper cups get transformed into other useful materials.


What is the wrong of compostable paper cups?

If compostable paper cups are sent to an industrial-scale composting facility, compostable paper cups will break down in less than two months. In someone’s backyard compost heap, compostable paper cup could easily take more than a year. If compostable paper cups are accidentally sent to a landfill and buried, it could take over a century. And if compostable paper cups go into a plastics recycling bin, they will contaminate the recycling process.

The vast majority of compostable paper cups are indistinguishable from clear plastic, recyclable cups, other than being marked with a big green stripe. They are the same size and shape, holding liquids the same way, and no ordinary consumer would have any reason to guess that they are different. If anything, compostable paper cups might look at the green stripe as a reminder that plastic should be recycled!

Guest after another will toss compostable paper cups into the plastics recycling bin. The compostable paper cups would be harmful to the recycling process, which is set up to recycle oil-based plastics. The converse is also true that plastic cups should not be put into the composting bins. Despite a well-educated crowd and great signage at the restaurant, there was a great deal of confusion, and from my observations, most were guessing wrong.


What is the trend of compostable paper cups?

The quest for sustainability means everyone craves a viable solution to coffee cups. It’s for that reason the paper cup evolved from a clay coating to polyethene and now to a plant-based one.

Innovations have always focused on making the paper cup more functional. For instance, the shift from the clay coating to polyethene aimed to make the cup impermeable. Clay was also not stable, as it could break down to mix with a cup’s contents.

Eco-conscious manufacturers have been on a helter-skelter mode to find a viable answer. Many options have popped up, but only compostable paper cups seem to be reliable for the long haul.

Globally, 16 billion coffee cups get used every year. Most of these cups are non-recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. With the compostable options, less pricey and accessible, cafes have a reliable alternative. Recyclable materials have not been effective in fighting trash. A staggering 91% of recyclable materials never get recycled. All that garbage ends in waterways, oceans, composts, and landfills. That's why compostable paper cups come in handy for zero waste cafes.


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