​What is the size range of double wall cup?

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​What is the size range of double wall cup?

The catering business is not as simple as you might think. There are many things to consider before opening a business in this field, one of them which is the double wall cup. Double wall cup itself is a disposable cup that can made of paper, plastic, glass, ceramic or stainless steel. Double wall paper cup is coated with plastic or wax inside to prevent liquid from leaking or seeping into the paper, the outer wall of double wall paper cup is made of corrugated paper. Double wall cup is divided again in various types and sizes. For those of you who are still confused about deciding on the ideal double wall cup size for business.


What is the size range of double wall cup?

How to choose double wall cup?

How about the future development of double wall cup?


What is the size range of double wall cup?

The size of double wall cups can range from 8oz to 20oz. Generally, we use ounces (OZ) as the unit to measure the size of double wall cups. Ounce is a unit of weight, which is represented that the weight of 1 ounce is equivalent to the weight of 28.34ml of water. The common sizes of double wall cup are 8oz, 120z, 16oz, and 20oz.

Double wall cups of 8oz have volume of 300ml. This size has a diameter of 8cm at the top and a bottom diameter of 5.6cm and a height of 9.35cm.

Double wall cups of 12oz are a bit large in size. This size has a capacity of 430ml with a diameter at the top of 9cm while at the bottom it has a diameter of 5.97cm and a height of 11.2cm. This Double wall cup is suitable for containers of tea, coffee, and other warm drinks.

This 16oz double wall cup has a 520ml volume, with a diameter of 8.96cm on the top and a diameter at the bottom of 5.918cm with a height of 13.5 cm. This size is bigger than the previous size. So, this double wall cup is very suitable for cold drinks at restaurants, cafes, and others. This 16oz size double wall cup is perfect for cold drinks at your restaurant or cafe.

The 20oz double wall cup is the largest size than the other sizes, also called venti double wall cup. Double wall cup with this size has a capacity of 650ml. By having a diameter at the top of 8.96cm and a diameter at the bottom of 6.185cm and a height of 16.35cm.


How to choose double wall cup?

Material: We can easily see double wall cup made of ceramic, glass, paper, stainless steel and plastic in the market. Different materials certainly affect the flavor of a coffee and. A good double wall cup helps perfectly present the flavor of the coffee. Double wall porcelain cup is the most common coffee utensils in which white porcelain and bone china are included, featuring with smooth surface, light texture and soft color. Double wall porcelain cups are the most widely used coffee cups. Double wall glass cup is transparent. Double wall glass cup has better insulation effect, which is good to present the layers of espresso, latte, macchiato and other fancy coffee.

Shape of mouth of double wall cup: The shape of the mouth of double wall cup affects the first contact with coffee, which determines which flavor is the first to be intimate with you. Wide mouth of double wall cup expands to the outside, which is relatively open. This shape allows to taste wider flavor, so your tongue can feel the full flavor of the coffee. Straight mouth of double wall cup is perpendicular to the tabletop, in which the coffee is more concentrated while you drink. You can directly contact the sweet zone and the middle zone, so the taste is more balanced.


How about the future development of double wall cup?

The ever-increasing food and beverages industry and the safety associated concerns to the products during their transport are the factors expected to bolster the growth of double wall paper cups. Due to the durability and hygiene of double wall paper cups, they are preferred by end-users, resulting into steady demand. The base paper for double wall paper cups is called “cupboard”. Double wall paper cups are manufactured on special multilayered ply paper machines and this paper has a waterproof barrier coating. The paper used for manufacturing double wall paper cups needs to be highly stiff and should have a strong wet sizing, as well as having good elongation properties and also plastic coating for a good mouth roll formation.

Typically for cold drinks a single wall cup will do. For hot beverages, double wall paper cups are used as it offers greater insulation against the heat released by the beverage. Generally, double wall paper cups used for hot beverages as takeout coffee containers are available in sizes from 8oz to 20oz. Double wall paper cups are manufactured from high quality food grade paper. Some of the big coffee houses started using double wall cups in place of plastic foam cups. Double wall paper cups are the best option for mobile drinks or take home drinks.


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