What is the difference between ripple wall cup and double wall cup?

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What is the difference between ripple wall cup and double wall cup?

Ripple wall cups can be used for cold beverages such as water, soda, and juice. The inner layer of ripple wall cup has food-safe polyethylene interior coating, which helps prevent leaks and moisture seepage. While the outer layer of ripple wall cup is ripple textured exterior, providing additional insulation and eliminates need for sleeve. Ripple wall cups are ideal for break rooms, cafes, catering, events, or taking your home-brewed coffee to go. 

What is the difference between ripple wall cup and double wall cup?

What are the sizes of ripple wall cups?

What can ripple wall cups be used for?


What is the difference between ripple wall cup and double wall cup?

Ripple wall cup, a high-grade disposable paper container used for daily drinking. Ripple wall cup is in the shape of a mouth cup. The outer layer of ripple wall cup is a neatly arranged corrugated paper cup wall. The inner layer of ripple wall cup is a PE-coated paper cup. Ripple wall cup has a very strong heat insulation effect and is a further step on the basis of disposable paper cups.

The double wall cup, as its name implies, means that the paper cup has double wall or two layers. The quality of double wall cups is better than that of single wall cups. The use time of double wall cups is also longer than that of single wall cups. Double wall cups can also be used to hold hot beverages, such as hot coffee.

A double wall cup includes a base and a double wall cup body composed of an inner paper cup body and an outer paper cup body. The inner or outer surface of each paper cup body is provided with uneven reinforcing ribs. The composed surface is a concave-convex surface, and the inner layer paper cup body and the outer layer paper cup body are sealed and adhered to each other.


What are the sizes of ripple wall cups?

The size of ripple wall cups can range from 8oz to 16oz Generally, we use ounces (OZ) as the unit to measure the size of ripple wall cups. Ounce is a unit of weight, which is represented that the weight of 1 ounce is equivalent to the weight of 28.34ml of water.

Ripple wall cups of 8oz have volume of 226ml. This size has a diameter of 3.54 inches at the top and a bottom diameter of 3.15 inches and a height of 2.16 inches. Ripple wall cups of this size are usually used as beverage testers.

Ripple wall cups of 10 oz are a bit large in size. This size has a capacity of 283ml with a diameter at the top of 3.7 inches while at the bottom it has a diameter of 3.54 inches and a height of 2.36 inches. This ripple wall cup is suitable for containers of tea, coffee, and other warm drinks.

This 12 oz ripple wall cup has a 360 ml volume, with a diameter of 4.33 inches on the top, a diameter of 3.54 inches on the bottom and a height of 2.28 inches. This size is bigger than the previous size. So, this ripple wall cup is very suitable for cold drinks at restaurants, cafes, and others.

The 16 oz ripple wall cup is the largest size than the other sizes. Ripple wall cup with this size has a capacity of 480 ml. By having a diameter at the top of 5.39 inches and a diameter at the bottom of 3.554 inches and a height of 2.28 inches. This 16oz size single wall cup is perfect for cold drinks at your restaurant or cafe.


What can ripple wall cup used for?

Ripple wall cups are a versatile and inexpensive way to cater for hot or cold beverages. Ripple wall cups are used in a variety of areas such as cafes, clubs, educational institutions, catering companies, offices, water dispensers and vending machines. Many cafes nowadays are opting for the white ripple wall cups by placing an imprint of their logo via an ink stamp on the outside of the coffee cup. A simple but very effective idea at a fraction of the cost of printing logo on ripple wall cups. Ripple wall cups have a food grade paper lining inside, which are durable and tightly sealed to prevent any leakage. Ripple wall cups are available in matt white, matt black or any other colors.

In order to expand the application range of paper cups, straight-walled double wall cups were introduced to the market in 1940. Ripple wall cup is not only easy to carry, but also can hold hot beverages. Afterwards, the manufacturer applied latex to ripple wall cups to cover the taste of the paper cup material, and to strengthen the leakproof-ness of the ripple wall cup. The wax-coated ripple wall cup after latex coating is widely used for holding hot coffee.


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