What are the advantages and disadvantages of the soup paper bowls?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the soup paper bowls?

Our country requires that the production management of soup paper bowl has been upgraded to the food level. Therefore, all soup paper bowls sold on the market must have a QS quality and safety production license. The certificate number can be checked on the website of the State Quality and Safety Supervision Bureau to check whether it exists. Although soup paper bowls are convenient for our daily life, soup paper bowls have many problems, which even can harm health.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the soup paper bowls?

How to make a soup paper bowl?

How to choose soup paper bowl?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the soup paper bowls?

Full colors can be printed on soup paper bowls. Soup paper bowls can be custom printed up to 6 spot colors.

The soup paper bowls can be coupled with our personalized sleeves to be comfortably used for serving your hot drinks, whilst best suited for cold drinks.

Paperboard used is food grade with food grade polyethylene (PE) lamination inside soup paper bowls.

Soup paper bowls provide an excellent space for promoting your brand due to large, smooth print area. Couple with a high-quality paperboard and sharp print, soup paper bowls are a superb choice.

Soup paper bowls are recyclable via correct facilities.

Soup paper bowls are stiff enough, which is easy to prevent people from hot soup.


Soup paper bowls have fluorescent residues in the cup body that are harmful to human health. Fluorescent substances are not easy to be decomposed or eliminated. Accumulation in the body will affect the normal growth and development of cells. Excessive exposure and accumulation of toxicity will pose a potential carcinogenic risk.

The ink on the body of the soup paper bowls that does not meet the standard is easy to decolor, and it will enter the human body when drinking water.


How to make a paper bowl?

Making paper bowl is a fun, which is a simple papier-mache project to do with children.

Tear the newspaper into many strips one inch wide. Mix equal parts flour and water in a shallow container with a spoon until smooth to form the papier-mache paste. It should have the consistency of a creamy soup. Blow up a balloon and knot the end. Draw a horizontal line around the middle of the balloon. Apply the papier-mache to the top half of the balloon, on the side of the line that does not contain the tied end.

Dip the newspaper strips into the paste, being sure to coat both sides. Wipe off excess paste by pinching with thumb and forefinger down the length of the strip, letting the extra paste drip back into the container. Apply the newspaper strip to the top half of the balloon, smoothing the newspaper against the balloon’s contours to create a smooth surface.

Repeat the above steps, applying several strips of newspaper, overlapping in several layers for a stronger paper bowl. Allow the papier-mache to dry completely. Pop the balloon with scissors. Remove the balloon from the hardened papier-mache and discard. Tape the plastic lid to the bottom of the paper bowl with the top of the lid facing down. This will provide a flat base so the paper bowl can be placed on a flat surface without tipping over.

Apply more layers of papier-mache on the lid and paper bowl, covering the lid completely and laying strips from the lid to the base of the paper bowl to hold the lid in place. Allow the papier-mache to dry completely. Decorate the paper bowl with acrylic craft paint.


How to choose soup paper bowl?

When choosing a soup paper bowl, don't just look at the color of the soup paper bowl. Don't think that the whiter the color, the more hygienic it is. In order to make the soup paper bowl look whiter, some soup paper bowl manufacturers add a lot of fluorescent whitening agent. Once these harmful substances enter the human body, they will become potential carcinogens. Experts suggest that when choosing a soup paper bowl, you should take it under light. If the soup paper bowl is blue under a fluorescent lamp, it proves that the fluorescent agent exceeds the standard.

If the soup paper bowl is soft and not firm, be careful of water leakage. In addition, use soup paper bowl with thick and stiff walls. soup paper bowls with low body hardness are very soft when pinched. After pouring water or beverages, they will be severely deformed when held up, or even unable to be held up, which affects the use.

If the color of the outside of soup paper bowl is fancy, be careful of ink poisoning. If soup paper bowls are damp or contaminated, mold will inevitably form. In addition, some soup paper bowls will be printed with colorful patterns and words. When the soup paper bowls are stacked together, the ink on the outside of the soup paper bowl will inevitably affect the inner layer of the soup paper bowl wrapped around it.


Learn more something about soup paper bowls can know the advantages and disadvantages of soup paper bowls and how to make a paper bowl. If you want to buy high-quality soup paper bowls with reasonable price, ANBAO PAPER PRODUCTS CO., LTD. can help you to open up a further and larger market. We use materials that are guaranteed quality and the price is very affordable. We can to make the images on your personalized soup paper bowls appear professional, flawless and a display of the highest quality that your business can be proud of. 

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