What are the advantages and disadvantages of single wall cup?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of single wall cup?

Our country requires that the production management of single wall cups has been upgraded to the food level. Therefore, all single wall cups sold on the market must have a QS quality and safety production license. The certificate number can be checked on the website of the State Quality and Safety Supervision Bureau to check whether it exists. Although single wall cups are convenient for our daily life, single wall cups have many problems such as recycling.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of single wall cup?

What should be paid attention to when choosing single wall cup?

Can single wall cups be recycled?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of single wall cup?

Single wall cups are printed in full color or process inks, which are all specialized to be food safe and odorless.

The single wall cup can be coupled with our personalized sleeves to be comfortably used for serving your hot drinks, whilst best suited for cold drinks.

l Full colors can be printed on single wall cups.

l Single wall cups can be custom printed up to 6 spot colors.

l Food safe inks used on single wall cups.

l Paperboard used is food grade with food grade polyethylene (PE) lamination inside single wall cups.

l Single wall cups provide an excellent space for promoting your brand due to large, smooth print area. Couple with a high-quality paperboard and sharp print, single wall cups are a superb choice.

l Single wall cups are recyclable via correct facilities.


l Single wall cups are not stiff enough, which is easy to burn people after adding hot water.

Single wall cups have fluorescent residues in the cup body that are harmful to human health. Fluorescent substances are not easy to be decomposed or eliminated. Accumulation in the body will affect the normal growth and development of cells. Excessive exposure and accumulation of toxicity will pose a potential carcinogenic risk.

l The ink on the body of the single wall cup that does not meet the standard is easy to decolor, and it will enter the human body when drinking water.


What should be paid attention to when choosing single wall cup?

l Product identification of single wall cup must be complete. The complete product identification of single wall cup includes the name, trademark, executive standard number, production date and shelf life or production batch number and restriction date, product type, specification, grade and quantity, product conformity mark, the name of the manufacturer and address.

l Better to be healthy than gorgeous. If the single wall cup design uses poor ink quality or the printing technology is not good enough, it will cause the ink to enter the body through the mouth and the single wall cup and cause harm, or stick to the hands when the hands are in contact, which may pose a health hazard.

l The cup body of single wall cup is firm. Due to the different paper materials used, the hardness of the single wall cups on the market is different. It is recommended that consumers can squeeze it slightly and try to buy single wall cups with stiff cups.


Can single wall cups be recycled?

Many single wall cups cannot be recycled well after they are used in life. Wouldn’t it be a pity to throw single wall cups away? Of course. If you want to throw away the used single wall cups, please remember to throw single wall cups in a recyclable garbage. Because after using, this single wall cup can be recycled to the factory for reprocessing, turning waste into treasure.

If we use single wall cups in school, you can make single wall cups as small pen holder, drawing something you like on the outside of the single wall cup and cut some shapes after using them.

If we use single wall cups at home, we can leave them after they are used, and put single wall cups in the living room to hold some remote controls that we always can’t find. Or put single wall cups in the kitchen to condiment when cooking. Or put single wall cups in the bedroom can also help us install some small things.


Learn more something about single wall cups can know the advantages and disadvantages of single wall cups and how to choose single wall cups. If you want to buy high-quality single wall cups with reasonable price, ANBAO PAPER PRODUCTS CO., LTD. can help you to open up a further and larger market. We use the highest resolution we can to make the images on your personalized single wall cups appear professional, flawless and a display of the highest quality that your business can be proud of.


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