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Rectangle paper plates bowl

Rectangle paper plates bowl

Rectangle paper plates bowl, Rectangle paper bowl,rectangle paper containers are popular for take away food , such as sushi, salad, noodles, rice etc. The best feature of these bowls is that they are biodegradable, compostable , durable, leakproof and waterproof.

Description Specification (top,bottom,height) mm Pcs/Bag Pcs/Ctn
500ml Rectangle paper bowl 171*118,152*100,40 50 300
350ml Rectangle paper bowl 171*118,150*98,51 50 300
750ml Rectangle paper bowl 171*118,152*98,57 50 300
1000ml Rectangle paper bowl 171*118,146*94,75 50 300
Paper lid  176.9*123.6*19 25 300
PP Lid 176.9*123.6*19 50 300


Market Applications : Japanese Food, Chinese Food, Asian Food, Western Food, Fast Food, Grocery

Fridge Safe, Microwaveable


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