Anbao environmental protection new material development

Humans have produced more than 9.1 billion tons of plastic to date, most of which have been dumped in landfills or littered in the natural environment, and these waste plastics need 800 years to be naturally ecologically degraded. Anbao started to develop new environmentally friendly material BioPBS from 2017. The chemical name of PBS is "polybutylene succinate. BioPBS is revolutionary in its dual biological properties. BioPBS is essentially bio-based and biodegradable. Excellent performance in terms of biocompatibility and compostability, providing a solution for green non-process change. BioPBS improves the quality of the product without harming the environment. BioPBS is the ideal material for long-awaited food packaging.

In March 2017, the company successfully signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with a subsidiary of Thailand National Petroleum Corporation PTT

Based on the business philosophy of environmental protection and sustainable development, Anbao Group introduced the BioPBS project of biodegradable coated paper, and is committed to becoming the standard setter for biodegradable coated paper. Using BioPBS biodegradable coated paper, it is more environmentally friendly. , Greener new products that benefit society. Anbao BioPBS series products have obtained DIN, BPI, FDA test reports.

Shanghai Hotel Supplies Exhibition 2019

New BioPBS product launched by Anbao in 2019






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