Is the soup paper bowl recyclable?

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Is the soup paper bowl recyclable?

Many soup paper bowls cannot be recycled well after they are used in life. Wouldn’t it be a pity to throw soup paper bowls away? Of course. If you want to throw away the used soup paper bowls, please remember to clean the soup paper bowls and then throw soup paper bowls in a recyclable garbage. Because after using, this soup paper bowls can be recycled to the factory for reprocessing, turning waste into treasure.


Is the soup paper bowl recyclable?

Is soup paper bowl made of environmental-friendly materials?

What should be paid attention to when choosing soup paper bowl?


Is the soup paper bowl recyclable?

Some soup paper bowl can be recycled, but not all. What’s also easy, is to toss all items in the recycling bin, but unfortunately, not all soup paper bowls are recyclable.

Always check your local listings. One of the biggest misconceptions in the world of recycling is that an item is recyclable if it has a recycle symbol on it. But in truth, this varies city by city. Most plastic soup bowl are actually not recyclable in most places. That iconic triangular “chasing arrow” recycling symbol was never meant to indicate that something is recyclable, but rather to identify what type of plastic the item is made from. Most recycling processors prefer plastic bottles and jugs only, as those are materials they are able to process and for which they have an end-market.

Keep it clean. The soup paper bowl isn’t fully recyclable. As the container of soup, rare people clean the soup paper bowls to put them into the recyclable dustbin.

The same holds true for any food soup paper bowl, even those that do meet the above criteria as A-OK to recycle. Make sure any soup paper bowl is free of any remaining food otherwise the recycling stream becomes contaminated.


Is soup paper bowl made of environmental-friendly materials?

Soup paper bowl is made from double poly-coated paperboard. The coating on soup paper bowl is made from PE, which is to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper. Printed soup paper bowl is the perfect way to give your cups a more professional appearance and a sleek design. Soup paper bowls are used in every kinds of businesses and for all kinds of events, which is also why we offer different types of bowls that not everyone wants the same type of bowl.

The outer layer of a soup paper bowl is made of paperboard, which provides heat retention and insulation properties. The outer layer of a soup paper bowl keeps the beverage hot as long as possible, while still not being too hot to carry around comfortably. In addition to insulating heat, the second sleeve covering the bowl allows to mix-and-match the embossing pattern and prints to create a variety of designs.

The paperboard of soup paper bowl is coated with a thin plastic lining, which is needed for safety reasons. The plastic lining acts as a barrier to ensure food hygiene and to make the cup liquid-proof. Plastic is a suitable lining material because of its strength, resilience and excellent barrier properties. It is also very good in terms of material, energy and cost efficiency.


What should be paid attention to when choosing soup paper bowl?

Product identification of soup paper bowl must be complete. The complete product identification of soup paper bowl includes the name, trademark, executive standard number, production date and shelf life or production batch number and restriction date, product type, specification, grade and quantity, product conformity mark, the name of the manufacturer and address.

Better to be healthy than gorgeous. If the soup paper bowl design uses poor ink quality or the printing technology is not good enough, it will cause the ink to enter the body through the mouth and the soup paper bowl and cause harm, or stick to the hands when the hands are in contact, which may pose a health hazard.

The cup body of soup paper bowl is firm. Due to the different paper materials used, the hardness of the soup paper bowl on the market is different. It is recommended that consumers can squeeze it slightly and try to buy soup paper bowl with stiff cups.


Learn more something about soup paper bowl can know the recyclable soup paper bowl and how to choose soup paper bowl. If you want to buy high-quality soup paper bowl with reasonable price, ANBAO PAPER PRODUCTS CO., LTD. can help you to open up a further and larger market, it is wise to choose us as your business partner.

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