Is the ripple wall cup recyclable?

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Is the ripple wall cup recyclable?

With the development of environment awareness, we all attach importance to the materials of ripple wall cups. Ripple wall cups are popular in today’s coffee shops. However, ripple wall cups are easy to be ignored after drinking coffee. Most ripple wall cups cannot be recycled well and will be put into the common trash can. It is very pitiful for us not to recycle ripple wall cups according to the environmental awareness.


Is the ripple wall cup recyclable?

What is the production process of ripple wall cups?

How to store ripple wall cups?


Is the ripple wall cup recyclable?

Ripple wall cups are made from high-quality single-coated paper. The coating on ripple wall cups is made from PE, which is to prevent liquid from leaking out or soaking through the paper. Printed ripple wall cup is the perfect way to give your cups a more professional appearance and a sleek design. Ripple wall cups are used in every kinds of businesses and for all kinds of events, which is also why we offer different types of cups that not everyone wants the same type of cup.

The outer layer of a ripple wall cup called the wall is made of paperboard, which provides heat retention and insulation properties. The outer layer of a ripple wall cup keeps the beverage hot as long as possible, while still not being too hot to carry around comfortably. For cold drinks, a ripple wall cup is enough. For hot drinks it is better to use ripple wall cup for extra heat protection. In addition to insulating heat, the second sleeve covering the cup allows to mix-and-match the embossing pattern and prints to create a variety of designs.

The paperboard of ripple wall cup is coated with a thin plastic lining, which is needed for safety reasons. The plastic lining acts as a barrier to ensure food hygiene and to make the cup liquid-proof. Plastic is a suitable lining material because of its strength, resilience and excellent barrier properties. It is also very good in terms of material, energy and cost efficiency.


What is the production process of ripple wall cups?

The production processes of ripple wall cups contain the following parts that are raw paper coating, cutting, typesetting, printing, membrane cutting, disinfection, forming, disinfection packing, and go into the warehouse.

The first is the processing of the width of the paper of ripple wall cups, depending on the face and the way the printing plate facing. Either cut or die cut, paper of ripple wall cups is followed by printing with two offset and stencil printing. The next step is die cutting, which is to cut the printed paper into a fan-shaped piece of paper. The forming of ripple wall cups needs to have two parts that are the ripple wall cup body and the bottom of the ripple wall cup. The so-called ripple wall cup body is the fan-shaped piece cut out from the front, and the bottom of the ripple wall cup is a paper roll of different specifications.

The production process of the ripple wall cup is made by laminating the base paper into paper cup, printing, die cutting and forming.

Ripple wall cups need to be coated without waxed because heat can cause the wax to melt and be harmful to the body.


How to store ripple wall cups?

Since the implementation of the national standard for disposable paper cups, the printing of ripple wall cups has been clearly defined. The ripple wall cup should be printed within 15 mm from the mouth of ripple wall cup and the bottom of the ripple wall cup should be within 10 mm. Moreover, when drinking water with a printed ripple wall cup, the lips contact the ripple wall cup, and the ink in the printed pattern may be ingested into the body. If the benzene-containing ink is used, it is not good for health. In addition, during packaging and storage, ripple wall cups are often one-piece, with a printed pattern on the bottom of the ripple wall cup, and it is easy to smash the color onto the inner wall of the other ripple wall cup.

The ripple wall cup should be placed in a dry place to prevent moisture, and the carton should be glued well.

The ripple wall cup should be tightly sealed at each bag, do not leak air, this will also make the paper cup yellow;

Ripple wall cups must be boxed and cannot be scattered outside, otherwise ripple wall cups will turn yellow, damp.


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