​Is double wall cup recyclable?

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​Is double wall cup recyclable?

Double wall cups sold in market are always made of plastic, paper, glass and stainless steel. As we know, glass and stainless steel can be recycled. But how about double wall cups made of plastic and paper? Indeed, most double wall cups made of plastic and paper can be recycled although they are not recycled well. We hope our article can remind you of recycling double wall cup after using it.


Is double wall cup recyclable?

Is the material used to make a double wall cup environment friendly?

Where can double wall cup be used?


Is double wall cup recyclable?

Many double wall cups cannot be recycled well after they are used in life. Wouldn’t it be a pity to throw double wall cups away? Of course. If you want to throw away the used double wall cups, please remember to throw double wall cups in a recyclable garbage. Because after using, this double wall cup can be recycled to the factory for reprocessing, turning waste into treasure.

If double wall cups are made of glass, the glass you commonly see collected is what’s known as container glass or soda-lime glass. While the double wall glass cups you use for your beverages may technically be made from container glass, they often have inclusions such as borosilicate to make them more temperature-resistant. Additives mean that different types of double wall glass cups have different melting points. Your recycling facility expects a certain kind of glass, and operates accordingly. An oddball in a pile of double wall glass cup could affect not only the processing of the batch, but also the quality and durability of the finished recycled product. With double wall glass cups being so easily and endlessly recyclable, it’s only natural that you’d want to get it into the recycling stream. Up to 80 percent of recovered glass is estimated to make it into the furnace for recycling.


Is the material used to make a double wall cup environment friendly?

Double wall cups are produced with double-sided PE coated paper. The inner and outer sides of the double wall cup are covered with PE coated double-sided paper, which means that the paper is covered with a layer of PE film. The double wall cup is composed of food-grade wood pulp paper and food-grade PE film.

If the outer cup of double wall cup is made of plastic, it is made through a process known as blow molding. In blow molding, small pellets of plastic resin are heated and forcefully blown into a mold in the desired shape. If the outer cup of double wall cup is made of stainless steel, it pounded into shape from a sheet of stainless steel.

In an assembly line process, the formed outer cup is fitted with its inner liner of double wall cup. A glass filter or a stainless still filter, pounded from a sheet of stainless steel, is placed inside the outer cup of double wall cup.


Where can double wall cup be used?

Double wall cups are used in a variety of areas such as cafes, clubs, educational institutions, catering companies, offices, water dispensers and vending machines. Many cafes nowadays are opting for the double wall cups by placing an imprint of their logo via an ink stamp on the outside of the coffee cup.

The biggest application of double wall cups is to hold beverages, such as carbonated drinks, coffee, milk, and cold drinks. This is earliest and most basic use of double wall cups to keep drink cold or hot and avoid scalding.

The wholesale of beverage paper cups can be divided into cold double wall cups and hot double wall cups. The cold double wall cup is used to hold cold beverages, such as carbonated beverages and ice coffee, while the hot double wall cup is used to hold hot beverages, such as coffee and black tea. The main difference between both double wall cup is that the materials added into vacuum space are different.


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