​How does double wall cup feel when compared to single wall cup?

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​How does double wall cup feel when compared to single wall cup?

Disposable cups are used as daily necessities for many applications in homes, restaurants, offices and other places, which are convenient to carry as indispensable daily necessities. At present, the double wall cups sold on the market have a promising future. The changeable shape, bright colors, and not afraid of being beaten of double wall cups are loved by many people.


How does double wall cup feel when compared to single wall cup?

How can we do when water gets in between the two walls of double wall cup?

What are the applications of double wall cup?


How does double wall cup feel when compared to single wall cup?

The double wall cup, as its name implies, means that the paper cup has double wall or two layers. The quality of double wall cups is better than that of single wall cups. The use time of double wall cups is also longer than that of single wall cups. Double wall cups can also be used to hold hot beverages, such as hot coffee.

A double wall cup includes a base and a double wall cup body composed of an inner paper cup body and an outer paper cup body. The inner or outer surface of each paper cup body is provided with uneven reinforcing ribs. The composed surface is a concave-convex surface, and the inner layer paper cup body and the outer layer paper cup body are sealed and adhered to each other.

Single wall cups are one of the disposable paper cups. Single wall cups are also called single-sided coated paper cups. The single wall cups with a smooth PE-coated layer inside the paper cups are generally used to hold drinking water, which is convenient for people to drink. The raw materials of the single wall cups are made of food grade wood pulp paper and food grade PE film.


How can we do when water gets in between the two walls of double wall cup?

Double wall cups keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold much longer. But double wall cups have one big weakness. Somehow, water always manages to get in between the two walls of double wall cup. And getting it out can be near impossible.

If you have a double wall ceramic cup, it likely has a hole in the bottom. That obviously makes it easier for water to get in, but luckily it also makes double wall ceramic cup easier to get the water out. If the hole is plugged up, open it up and then turn the cup so the hole faces upward. One way to help is to use something that absorbs water. The rice can absorb water, sucking it out of the mug. Another option is to add heat to help evaporate the water. If you have a heater in your place, you could place it on that.

If the double wall cup is made of stainless steel, plastic or glass, it may be difficult to get water out because the two walls of double wall cup is hermetic. You should give it a try. Just like with the double wall ceramic cups, put the cup in a bag of rice or add heat and see if the water is pulled out or evaporates out through those invisible little cracks. If it does not, your only option may be to drill a hole in double wall cup. That way the water can escape. Once the inside is dry, plug the hole up again with some kind of sealant.


What are the applications of double wall cup?

Double wall cups are used in a variety of areas such as cafes, clubs, educational institutions, catering companies, offices, water dispensers and vending machines. Many cafes nowadays are opting for the double wall cups by placing an imprint of their logo via an ink stamp on the outside of the coffee cup.

The biggest application of double wall cups is to hold beverages, such as carbonated drinks, coffee, milk, and cold drinks. This is earliest and most basic use of double wall cups to keep drink cold or hot and avoid scalding.

The wholesale of beverage paper cups can be divided into cold double wall cups and hot double wall cups. The cold double wall cup is used to hold cold beverages, such as carbonated beverages and ice coffee, while the hot double wall cup is used to hold hot beverages, such as coffee and black tea. The main difference between both double wall cup is that the materials added into vacuum space are different.


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