Can compostable paper cups be recycled?

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Can compostable paper cups be recycled?

If you run your cafe on a zero-waste policy, you know how difficult it’s finding the right coffee cups. Some available options may not be recyclable or compostable paper cups. Paper cups insulations are the primary hindrance to regular recycling. Compostable paper cups are the common alternatives to the coffee cups with reasonable price.


Can compostable paper cups be recycled?

Can the compostable paper cups reduce waste?

What is the future of compostable paper cups?


Can compostable paper cups be recycled and degradable?

Compostable paper cup is paper cup which is manufactured from renewable plant-based materials, which has been certified to compost within an industrial composting process, along with food and garden waste. Paper recycling means the product can be recycled through existing recycling streams. Recycling is the process of taking a waste item and re-manufacturing it in to a useable product. This reduces the dependency on new raw materials. This is the process of bio-degrading organic / plant-based material into compost for the use of fertilising the soil.

Compostable paper cups comprise two materials that can rot: paper and a starch-based film. These paper cups differ from bio-plastic cups, or PE paper cups. Compared to bio-plastics, the compostable paper cup can rot faster. Bio-plastics feature corn starch in entirety. That makes them slower to degrade compared to corn starch paper cups. Compostable paper cups are an alternative to disposable paper cups and single-use plastics. Their primary strength over plastic is they can compost and produce lesser emissions. Making a compostable paper cup uses lower energy and saves fossil reserves.


Can the compostable paper cups reduce waste?

Yes! As we know, a compostable paper cup derives from corn starch and paper boards. Both materials are within reach of many manufacturers.

Corn starch is one of the most demanded food products. Its convenience as a food product and in manufacturing propels the high demand. The safety means it can get used in making sauces, sweeteners, gums, baking ingredients, and cups.

Plastic experiences mass demand, and replacing it right away isn’t possible. Upcoming alternatives need to be abundant to cater to the vast market. Most innovations are Inspiring. But they cannot cover the gap that may arise with plastic elimination.

Corn starch availability makes compostable paper cups the right candidate to zero waste. Go anywhere around the world, and you’ll find lush corn starch or sugarcane blossoming on the farms. Corn starch’s compostability removes one of the primary flaws of coffee cups. Most of the plastic waste arises because the material takes over 500 years to degrade. Plastic could stay in the oceans and landfills for years without breaking down.

With compostable paper cups, waste may no more. Be it in your home’s compost or an industrial one, compostable paper cup can decay into ordinary soil. The compostable paper cup only requires regulated temperatures to rot within 90 days.


What is the future of compostable paper cups?

The quest for sustainability means everyone craves a viable solution to coffee cups. It’s for that reason the paper cup evolved from a clay coating to polyethene and now to a plant-based one.

Innovations have always focused on making the paper cup more functional. For instance, the shift from the clay coating to polyethene aimed to make the cup impermeable. Clay was also not stable, as it could break down to mix with a cup’s contents.

Eco-conscious manufacturers have been on a helter-skelter mode to find a viable answer. Many options have popped up, but only compostable paper cups seem to be reliable for the long haul.

Globally, 16 billion coffee cups get used every year. Most of these cups are non-recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. With the compostable options, less pricey and accessible, cafes have a reliable alternative. Recyclable materials have not been effective in fighting trash. A staggering 91% of recyclable materials never get recycled. All that garbage ends in waterways, oceans, composts, and landfills. That’s why compostable paper cups come in handy for zero waste cafes.


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