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8oz Disposable Custom Company Logo Printed Hot Drinking Ripple Wall Paper Cup

  • Food
  • Paper
  • Ripple Wall
  • Cup
  • Jiangsu, China
  • Anbao
  • Ripple Wall
  • Custom Company Logo Printed Hot Drinking Ripple Wall Paper Cup
  • Up To 6 Colors
  • Customized Logo
  • Coffee Drink

item capacity paper/plastic weight

Size (top out -

bottom- height)

Standard Packing lid diameter

Kraft paper


ml G/sm2 mm bagxpcs mm
3oz 85ml 170+18PE 56x38.6x56.5 48x100
4oz 118ml 210+18PE 62x46x61,5 20x100 H62
8oz 280ml 280+18PE 80x54.5x92 20x50 H80
9oz 274ml 280+18PE 77.5x52.1x95 20x50
10oz-Tall 343ml 280+18PE 80x56.5x110 20x50 H80
10oz-square 361ml 300+18PE 90x60x95 20x50 H90
10oz-Canada 345ml 280+18PE 85x59x97.5 20x50 H85
12oz 420ml 300+18PE 90x60x110 20x50 H90
16oz 497ml 300+18PE 90x56.2x135 20x50 H90
20oz 600ml 300+18PE 90x64x150 20x50 H90
22oz 670ml 300+18PE 90x62x167 20x50 H90

Anbao is a professional manufacturer and trader of paper products. Our main products include environmentally and safety paper articles for food and beverage use.Anbao Trading Company was first established in 1996. As a result of successes in newsprint trading, in 2001, we opened a 26,000 sqm factory and became Chengdu Anbao Paper Product Co., Ltd. Since then, we have expanded our facilities, and now have factories in Nanjing for exports and in Chongqing and Chengdu for domestic business in China. With a greater focus on improving quality and service, we've established a R&D center to assist in our development and flexibility of this ever-changing market. As a result of our experience and expertise, we have now become one of the largest suppliers of paper related products in all of western China.

Comprised of professional experts and energetic personnel, we have gained an excellent reputation for having a highly efficient workforce and a talented management. With greater success comes greater social responsibility. At Anbao, we have become a upstanding director and member of the Environmental Protection Industry Association of Chengdu City in 2002. In addition, we have been awarded the honor of double qualification in standards of hygiene and disease control and commended as an "enterprise complying with contracts." Our consistency in product quality and delivery has gained us AAA credit rating from several agencies.

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