Founded in 1996, Chengdu Anbao Group specialized in manufacture, development and sales of paper products for food containers and packages in the past 20 and more years.  

Currently, Anbao Group's business has expanded to several countries and regions such as Europe, Australia, the US, Canada, South Korean, Russia etc. It becomes a trustworthy enterprise in Food Containers and Packages Industry in the world.   

Anbao Group has established 7 manufacturing bases in several cities such as Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing, Kunming and Bangkok to support its customers to satisfy their markets' needs and demands. In addition, Anbao Group also has an advanced model of automatic production, firstly created a 27-level quality control system and a product-traceable system.



Begin strategic collaboration with Thai companies PTTPM and PTTMCC on the research, development and diffusion of BisPBS materials.   


Anbao Group’s vision, value point and the core competitiveness confirmed.Begin strategic collaboration with Tsinghua University. Attempt to create and satisfy customer’s new requests about Food Package&Container Industry.Begin strategic collaboration with Siemens, set about to establish digital factories. Begin collaboration with The Research Centre of Manufacturing of Japan, introduce TPS(Toyota Production System) and transfer manufacturing pattern among Anbao factories. 


Choose “Anbao makes life simpler” as its company mission.2014Kunming Anbao Paper Products.,Ltd founded.


Strategic transformation at Chengdu Anbao Paper Products.,Ltd. Attempt to change from paper products manufacturer to operator of disposable catering tools and one-stop family facilities.Anbao online shopping mall established. (, system was firstly invented and put into use in paper products industry. 

2011Chongqing factory of coated paper begin its manufacturing. Make self-provided material come true.  


Nanjing Anbao Paper Products.,Ltd founded. As an eastern manufacturing base, it can deal with international market also.Chengdu Wenjiang factory founded. Make sure to provide high-quality products to the core customer.


Relocate Chongqing factory to Xipeng industry park. This factory is equipped with advanced system which can automatically unload materials, automatically collect and overlap cups. It becomes a model of automatic factory in Paper Product Industry in China. 


From newspaper trader to paper container manufacturer, Anbao Group successfully transformed itself. Annual sales raised from 3 million Yuan to 20 million Yuan.(Annual value of output) 


Qualified by ISO9001, ISO4001,HACCP. It is the first company which accepted HACCP qualification.


Begin strategic collaboration with Thai Uni-President Company, construct factories both in Chongqing and Bangkok. An international customer became one of Anbao’s shareholders. 

Begin strategic collaboration with Ting Hsin International Group, become a supplier of Master Kong.      


Enter and station in Hi-tech Zone (West Park) of Chengdu, establish a manufacturing and research base of paper container. Become the biggest paper products maker. 

Found a branch in Shanghai,attempt to open China’s eastern and southeastern market. Based on Shanghai, successfully open international market. 


Enter paper product industry, products with the brand of Anbao launched. 


Anbao Trading Company founded, the first newspaper import opened Anbao’s development process -- Paper Products.